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Twelve handy Chrome extensions for content marketers
Chances are that you as a content marketer will work with Google Chrome. In the Chrome webstore you can find a lot of extensions that make your work easier and more productive. Only what are the must have extensions? These are twelve indispensable Chrome extensions that make your work more convenient and a lot more fun.

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Chrome extensions add extra functionality to your Google Chrome browser. Each extension has a different function and needs to be installed separately. They are actually a kind of plugins in your browser.

Finding and installing extensions is simple; you can do this in the Chrome Web Store. Once you have installed an extension, it will usually appear with an icon in the toolbar, so you can find it at any time.

1. Workona
The first handy Chrome extension is Workona. This extension is extremely handy for organising your work. Workona allows you to save your tabs and documents in different ‘workplaces’, so that you can always find them easily.

This extension is ideal when you’re a content marketer working on multiple projects, so you don’t confuse anything. In each ‘workplace’ you can add documents, tabs of Chrome and notes, among other things.

Within a ‘workplace’ you can also create different folders. This way you have everything conveniently arranged within Chrome and you avoid chaos! Workona currently has more than 70,000 users and is awarded 5 stars on the Chrome Web Store.


2. Content Discovery Feed
To stay up to date with content marketing news, I always read my RSS feeds in Feedly. Until I came across this Chrome extension: with this you have all your news in a tab in your browser.

This extension mainly helps me to find inspiration and angles for new content. I can then save these and possibly share them with others.


3. Pocket
If I come across something interesting through the Content Discovery Feed extension above, I would like to keep it. Pocket is the ideal solution for this. You can easily save articles and videos from any page for later storage. You put it in your pocket, so to speak! And what’s also useful about Pocket is that what you have saved can be read back later without an internet connection.


4. Language tool
This Chrome extension helps you with grammar and typos. For language corrections of English texts Grammarly works perfectly. For texts in Dutch (and 22 other languages), Languagetool is a nice addition to the standard spell checker of Word and Google docs.


5. Auto Text Expander
The Auto Text Expander is an extension that will save you a lot of time as a content marketer. By means of this extension you can make shortcuts for phrases, sentences and paragraphs that you often use. This way you can send an e-mail much faster!

As soon as you enter the shortcut, the extension ensures that the full text appears on the screen. This is also ideal if you need to refer people to a particular website or document. I use this extension myself when I do outreach to distribute articles.

Furthermore, you can use the shortcuts on all devices where you use Google Chrome, including your mobile phone. Of course you have to be logged in to Google on all devices. You can use these shortcuts in applications such as Gmail, Evernote, Outlook and LinkedIn. This extension is really an added value if you often have to type the same thing. The extension is used by more than 200,000 users and gets a score of 4 stars.


6. Giphy
Do you want your content to stand out a bit more? Then the extension Giphy for Chrome is a perfect extension. With this extension you can easily respond to e-mails with a poison or a sticker.

Because of this extension you can easily place a poison anywhere within Chrome. This way you can make your content or reaction a bit stronger and more striking! This extension has lots of different Gifts to choose from, so you can use them in any situation.


7. Eye Dropper
If you work a lot with websites or image content, Eye Dropper is very handy. This extension allows you to save the colour of any website and use it in your own content.

Do you find a colour on a website but can’t find it? With Eye Dropper you can save the colour for later use.


8. SEO Quake
If you would like to get a quick overview of certain SEO factors then SEO Quake is very useful. It allows you to easily evaluate the quality of your content, a real must for content marketers and useful for competitive analysis! SEO Quake gives you 3 possible scores; a green tick, a yellow dash or a red cross. These stand for the quality of the content.

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9. SimilarWeb
SimilarWeb provides a complete website analysis. This way you can see the worldwide ranking of websites, but also their ranking in their own category. Furthermore, you can see the visitor numbers and the top 5 countries where the visitors come from.

This extension also shows through which links users have been forwarded to a specific website. You can also see similar websites to see what kind of content they use. Because of this, I also use this extension for competition analysis.


10. Loom
Loom makes making a video message a lot easier for new customers or colleagues. By using Loom you can film your own screen, sound and face and then easily forward it.

I use this tool to provide the people I work with with a briefing or feedback. This also saves you time, as it is quicker to finish than sending a long e-mail. You talk faster than you type!


11. Check My Links
The name says it all; the extension checks your website for wrong links. This way you can easily check after editing and placing content on the website whether all links actually work.

If there is a wrong link, it will be indicated by a red highlight, so you can easily replace it. This saves you some time and ensures a good website!


12. LeechBlock NG
Finally, this productivity extension. Don’t want any distractions during your work? Then use LeechBlock NG to set which sites you want to block and for how long. Oh yeah, don’t forget to turn off your phone notifications for full focus as well.


Chrome extensions make work for content marketers more convenient and fun.
As you can see there are many useful Chrome extensions. Some are useful to analyse a website and others for original and strong content.

I hope these tips will help you as a content marketer to add extra functionality to your work! Do you have experiences with one of these Chrome extensions or do you miss another one for content marketers in this overview? I would like to read it in the comments below.